Food loss initiatives: Mottainai      規格外の花豆でみそを作ります      MISO POEDER MILD 粉末花豆みそ

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Efforts to develop products using out-of-spec flower beans.

Runner bean

Runner beans, which might otherwise be discarded in the growing area if not used as food, are utilized to make miso.

Utilization of limited resources

Cook runner beans until tender.

We are working to develop new products by utilizing the precious substandard flowering beans from Gunma Prefecture.








Powdered Runner beans-miso


We make miso from Gunma-grown purple runner beans and dry the raw runner beans miso to make powdered miso.

You can just sprinkle the powdered miso with a mild taste and enjoy.

We were told that only beans that were not damaged, cracked, or deformed from regular products were distributed in the market.

Other beans were disposed of in the fields (used as compost).


We decided to challenge to make miso using the out-of-spec product with a supplier who handles regular beans. It will also help farmers increase their income and lead to SDGs.

We also sell the product domestically in the form of fresh miso.

Many people buy our products. For overseas, we created a powdered miso with mild sweetness characteristics.